Alpaca Keychain with Sound & Light

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Our adorable Alpaca Sound LED Key Light will always be close in hand when you're up pasture bedtime and you need a friend to light the way!

Did you know that alpacas spit when they are distressed or feel threatened (us too!) While that's totally awesome, but the best thing about this alpaca? Rather than spit coming out of this fellas mouth, it's a beam of light! And this guy is happy to be a bright spot in your day!

He's happy to hitch a ride anywhere you please! Hanging off your backpack, purse, or keys!

Hay! Need a bullet-Peru-f gift for an alpaca loving friend? Manure in luck!  This mini flashlight is fun gift idea sure to alpaca a punch with llama lovers everywhere!

Brown or Off-White. (We'll select the color well actually, they will choose you!) Includes one alpaca-shaped rubberized plastic figure with LED light and spring-loaded carabiner key chain. Alpaca measures approximately 2.25 inches long x 1 inch wide x 4 inches tall.

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