Good Fresh Guacamole

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The Ultimate 3 in 1 tool for guacamole

The three functions:

  • prepare
  • serve
  • keep

Prepare your guacamole in just 3 minutes! Squeeze the avocado through the special grating with the pestle and season (lemon juice, onions, spices, ... Be creative!). 

Serve directly in the ceramic bowl.

Keep your guacamole away from air and oxidation by placing the special silicone cover in contact with the guacamole.

The FGFG is accompanied by our 14 favorite recipes!

The set includes:
1 ceramic serving bowl 
1 bamboo pestle 
1 special metal guacamole grill 
1 silicone lid 
14 guacamole recipes

Materials:  porcelain, metal, bamboo, silicone

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